Atlantic ‘reporter’ knows his anon sources are ‘not good enough’ but he knows them


Jeffrey Goldberg, Editor of The Atlantic, stands by his sources who said the President called soldiers or generals or fallen soldiers “losers” and “suckers.” However, while he admits anonymous sources are “not good enough,” he said HE KNOWS who they are. That’s not reassuring to many of us.

This came out during an interview with MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes yesterday.

So, we have to feel confident that Jeffrey here picks really good sources.

“The sources are not anonymous to me, Jennifer Griffin from Fox News said when she was challenged,” Goldberg said. “I trust these sources. These are people in the various rooms. But, yeah, obviously it would be better if people would say, attach their names to what they know.”

Goldberg said questions about anonymity are “reasonable,” stating that it is fine to “ask why people who have had direct exposure to Donald Trump, who know what Donald Trump has said, who know what Donald Trump has done, but won’t simply come out and say it.”

“I share that view that it’s not good enough,” he said. “But, you know, like other reporters, I’m always balancing out the moral ambiguities and complications after anonymous sourcing with the public’s right to know.”

Right to know what? Jeffrey’s allies, who likely hate Trump, said such and such? That isn’t a report. It’s gossip. And they waited until now to come forward? Four people kept this quiet until 60 days before the election? Very convenient timing!

Two dozen people said it didn’t happen, including John Bolton who was with him the entire time and who doesn’t like him.

That’s great that Goldberg knows the sources but he’s a Trump-hating Democrat. Why should we trust him?

It isn’t moral or acceptable for people to attack from the shadows, giving the President no opportunity to confront his accusers.

Goldberg’s right about one thing — this was hardly good enough.


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