Attacks on US Troops Only Caused a Few Traumatic Brain Injuries


Only a few traumatically brain-injured troops and some concussions but there were no serious physical injuries other than brain damage. That’s not from an SNL skit.

A reporter asked John Kirby: What can you tell us about potential injuries to American troops in Iraq?

Kirby responded: “Troops and the US response as we understand this early hour on Sunday morning it’s only a very small number of the US troops that were affected that they’re being seen for traumatic brain injuries with some symptoms of concussions but no serious physical injuries other than that, that’s not enough of course it is but it’s a small number and it’s limited to traumatic brain injuries And we made that very clear. ”

The transcript was corrected after publication.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

The USA does not belong in Iraq. We were not invited there. It is a beachhead for the MIC to make more trouble and money. It is not much different than our DoD setting up bioweapons labs in Ukraine. There is no rationale for joining the military in a nation which does not protect itself and is invading itself.

1 month ago

Yeah, they probably didn’t mean to really hurt anyone.