Elitist Sec. of Energy Granholm Sings About Ending Gasoline and Fossil Fuels


Elitist Sec. of Energy Granholm Sings About Ending Gasoline and Fossil Fuels


If you need any more proof that Democrats have become a part of the elite, look no further than Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm.

A couple of weeks ago we watched Jennie laugh out loud when asked about her plan to lower the price of energy by increasing production in America.   “That’s hilarious!” she declared.

We’re now being treated to a 2018 music video where she’s singing about ending gasoline and fossil fuels.  Granholm can be seen cheerily crooning in a vid produced by an environmentalist group, Coltura. The title of the tune is “Gasoline, Gasoline (The World’s Aflame)”.

The video shows Granholm singing the group’s song, the lyrics of which call for leaving fossil fuels — dubbed “fossil fools” in the song — “in the ground.”

In case you’re thinking, “That was three years ago.”, here’s an update.  NPR revealed that Coltura has actually played a part in writing legislation, which we can assume will not make your soaring energy costs one bit lower.

Our Sec. of Energy can be seen at the 1:22 mark and then at 2:08.  In the latter mentioned Jen sings we gotta “change the way we move around”.

Of course, the “We” that must change how we’re moving will include just us common folk.  Biden, Granholm, and the other pompous, economic illiterates that populate a Dem party increasingly made up of Socialists and Marxists, won’t inconvenience themselves one bit.

They really despise working-class Americans.

[Editor’s note: The song is unbearable so just skip to the sections noted in the article]

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