Attorney for Trump Supporters Who Were Beaten in San Jose Says the Mayor Ordered It


Attorney Harmeet Dhillon represents 20 Trump supporters in a lawsuit against the San Jose Police Department. She told Tucker Carlson on his show Wednesday evening that the Trumps supporters were forced into the angry, violent crowd where they were beaten.

“As we were leaving, the 250 riot gear clad San Jose police were there on the scene, forced all of the people leaving to come out through one exit and directed them away from the most direct path to the garages and into a riot of several hundred anti-Trump violent types waving Mexican flags with large 6-foot poles and the eggs are just one part of it,” Dhillon stated, explaining the circumstances of the brawl.

Police did nothing.

A judge will allow the lawsuit to go through because it was so egregious. Attorney Dhillon said she believes the orders came from mayor Sam Liccardo and the chief of police, Eddie Garcia.

She hopes to get to the truth. Anyone who watched these riots unfold believes the mayor gave the orders.

In case you have forgotten what San Jose was like, we have some information to share. It was obvious the mayor hated the Trump supporters from his nasty, dishonest comments. It was obvious the Chief of Police had to be in on it. The Chief of Police Eddie Garcia makes over $400,000 a year. We are reasonably certain that he does as he is told for that.

And it was obvious it was open season on Trump supporters as they were all forced to leave by one exit into the mob of angry foreigners.


The riots in San Jose and elsewhere aimed at Donald Trump were really not about Trump. They were anti-America.

The media couldn’t figure out who the perpetrators were at the time. The Mexican flags and the burning of U.S. flags by foreigners should have been a dead giveaway. People bearing placards sporting the benefits of Socialism apparently didn’t give the media a clue at first either.

Some in the media lied, saying that it’s usually a give-and-take at these rallies between pro- and anti-Trump people, which is blatantly false.

Bernie and Clinton supporters made up part of the crowd. Many others rioting in the sanctuary city were illegal aliens. Of course they don’t want a wall or any limitations to their illegal immigration.

The police held back, obviously, and said it was because they didn’t want to escalate the situation and put more people in danger.


Infuriatingly, the mayor of San Jose, a big Clinton-supporting Democrat, blamed Trump for the riots in San Jose. He continued to blame him even after the left-wing media admitted the anti-Trump rioters were to blame.

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Mayor Sam Liccardo told the Associated Press, praising the city’s police while adding that “we’re all still holding our breath to see the outcome of this dangerous and explosive situation.”

Juan Williams of Fox News’ The Five told the audience that Trump has to bear responsibility because Trump accused Mexicans of being rapists and murderers.

Trump did not say ALL Mexicans.

Trump said some were and we weren’t getting the best coming across the border. Mexican smugglers are bringing cartels, traffickers, and illegals from terror nations in the Middle East across our southern border so, yes, Trump is right.



Donald Trump responded to the violence in San Jose. It’s a pretty sorry day in the USA when foreigners waving Mexican flags and burning U.S. flags can lawlessly attack people who want to hear a presidential candidate speak yet the one who is blamed is the victim and his audience.


  1. @D3F1ANT: ”Who cares?” Answer: the Trump supporters that were directed into the violent anti-American mob; those that were ”beaten”; and the young man covered in blood. And patriotic Americans care.
    ”slapping someone down” The mayor & police chief were in charge of stopping the violence. Were the police ordered to stand down? Does the mayor offer protection to anti-American mobs in his city? Illegal aliens? (BTW, the mayor has European heritage, too.)
    Oh, and I have NO problem with *legal* immigrants, children or adults. It’s the anti-American thugs and their supporters that are the problem.

  2. LOL! Kalifornia is LOST.

    I know “Calexit” is supposed to be some big protest and threat…LET THEM GO! PLEASE! We don’t need the likes of the Red State squandering Federal resources on non-citizens and non-producers and obstructing the progress of the country.

    Naturally, if Kalifornia DID secede…I’m sure the US would STILL somehow end up footing the Welfare bill and the defense bill…either that or it would become the property of China or Mexico or Russia pretty darned quickly…

  3. Mayor Sam Liccardo is decended from the first Mexican settlers in the Bay Area, and is also of Sicilian and Irish descent. He earned his law diploma from Harvard. — Wikipedia

    • Who cares? I don’t understand what we’re supposed to take from that. He’s bad? He’s good? He’s a descendant of immigrants (like most of us)? I can’t help but feel like you think you’re slapping someone down…but I don’t see it. It’s illegal aliens the Right has an issue with…not the children of immigrants.

  4. Mayor Emanuel tried to do the same thing in Chicago. His police were allowing leftist thugs into the convention center where Trump was about to speak. Trump canceled the event just before it was to start. The democratic mayors were using police to cause riots.

  5. Apparently its NOW LEGAL to KILL TRUMP and his SUPPORTERS!!!

  6. What should be happening, is the DOJ should be investigating and prosecuting the local governments that are facilitating such harm to people. What they are doing is called failure to defend people’s civil rights, and instead is putting them in harms way. And when it happens don’t they also blame the violence on the Trump supporters? It’s Alinski tactics. When the DOJ starts prosecuting some of these crime promoting politicians, only then will they stop doing it.

  7. This makes the mayor of San Jose a terrorist thug himself. It’s a conspiracy. He should be immediately arrested. It’s time to send a strong message to the psychotic left.

  8. It’s incidences like this one, and the Occupy ICE police stand-down order in Portland, that makes me wonder that if the Parkland Florida school shooting wasn’t PLANNED, it certainly was planned for! Democrats have proven they have no problem creating violence (and deaths) to achieve a political end.

  9. Sounds as if San Jose has been turned into a radical run *foreign* city that supports illegal aliens. And this has happened in our own country! The last names of the mayor and police chief give them away.

  10. When are people going to get enough of this chit and start fighting back? The left-tards are out of control and something needs to be done.

  11. Believe me when I tell you these gang thugs live to murder, extort and leech. Their whole lives are based upon it, do you have any idea how many people these kinds of groups murder and extort all through central america, they don’t give a F to bring their gang war lifestyle into North America. There is only 2 option to deal with them, you can figure them out.

  12. I graduated from San Jose State University in 1983. San Jose was a fast growing city because the university was expanding. There was always a free exchange of ideas. I’m sad to see the deterioration of civility in a place I enjoyed living.

    • Commies destroy everything.
      Civilization (see Venezuela).
      This time Bernie will get it right!
      Viva la Stupidity of the democrats!

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