Attorney General Garland Will Not Rescind His Memo Threatening Parents


The Senate hearing with Attorney General Merrick Garland today is deeply troubling. Every response he gives is authoritarian in nature. Rep. Mike Lee questioned Garland about his now infamous October 4th memo threatening protesting parents who voice their complaints at school board meetings. He stood by it.

The letter directs 94 US Attorneys to meet with local and state leaders and law enforcement to assess the situation.

Relying on a National School Board Association (NSBA) memo and newspaper reports, Garland said he felt the memo was necessary. The NSBA has rescinded their memo, but Garland told Rep. Mike Lee during questioning that he will not rescind his memo because there are still the newspaper accounts.

The Attorney General claims the newspaper reports are enough for him to move ahead with a task force as outlined in his memo. He offered no specific evidence of threats that would require federal intervention.

Garland told Rep. Lee that his approach is to meet with local law enforcement and strategize [in what is clearly state and local issue].

Prior to Lee’s questioning, he explained to Sen. Klouchar that his plan is to convert his memo to parents into regulations and then encourage a law based on it.

Rep. Mike Lee concluded his questioning saying he went through every National School Board complaint and did not find one death threat or anything that would require Garland’s intervention. He added that the memo is perceived as “chilling free speech.”

The Attorney General did nothing to alleviate that fear today.

Garland is going to go over anything that these school officials interpret as harassment, intimidating or threatening in nature.

[In other words, the administration wants the hateful, racist Critical Race Theory to proceed in school districts without parents getting in the way.]

He said he’s concerned about threats of bodily harm or death although he cited nothing specific and listed no crimes to precipitate his involvement. Certainly, there is no reason to involve 94 US Attorneys except to intimidate parents, according to Rep. Lee.

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