Sen Cotton Eviscerates AG Garland: “You Should Resign in Disgrace, Judge”


“This is shameful. This testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful. Thank God you’re not on the Supreme Court. You should resign in disgrace, Judge,” Senator Tom Cotton said during today’s hearing with Attorney General Garland whose performance today was indeed disgraceful.

Garland intends to go through with threatening parents who protest at school board meetings. In fact, as Senator Cotton pointed out, Garland’s office has a long list of crimes that they could charge parents with for protesting at school board meetings.

Earlier today, Senator Cotton tweeted: The left called the deadly riots of 2020 “peaceful protests.” But parents concerned about their kids’ education? The left thinks they’re domestic terrorists.

Senator Cotton questioned Attorney General Garland about the National School Board (NSBA) memo which formed the basis of Garland’s threatening letter to protesting parents. That NSBA letter made a parent, Mr. Scott, the poster boy for alleged domestic terrorist parents.

Mr. Scott was at the meeting because the board was planning to allow bio boys who say they are transgender into the girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms. Mr. Scott’s 15-year old daughter was brutally raped and sodomized weeks before by a boy in a skirt who said he was gender fluid. The boy has since been convicted and faces trial on another rape in a different school in the same district — Loudon County.

The school board covered up the sexual assault and the father became angry and a bit unruly. The police grabbed him from behind and when his stomach protruded out of his shirt, the photogs snapped the picture. That was it, this poor man became a domestic terrorist and the board managed to get him imprisoned although he hurt no one and didn’t threaten to hurt anyone.

That, and other minor disagreements at board meetings, along with hyped up and biased news accounts precipitated the Garland memo threatening protesting parents.

In this clip, Senator Cotton eviscerates the pathetic little man serving as our chief law enforcement officer. Don’t skip the second clip after this one.


Senator Cotton asked Garland if he started an investigation on the bathroom harassment of Senator Sinema. Garland said, “I don’t know whether the senator has referred the matter to the Justice Department or not.” That is quite a weaselly answer.

In every other case involving the right, Garland takes the offensive, but not in this case of illegal alien radicals funded in part by George Soros who harass a sitting senator in a bathroom and taunt her during a class she is teaching. Watch:

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