Attorney Says AG James Poised to Seize Trump’s Properties


Attorney Dave Kingman wrote on X that Knight Specialty Insurance will not be able to post the bond for Donald Trump. As a result, Letitia James will be able to begin enforcement proceedings on Donald Trump‘s properties.

Knight Specialty’s paperwork was rejected, and the court wanted more information on its financial backing. The company filed new paperwork on April 4.

The Story

Newsweek reported a comment by Kingman that the insurance company might not have the liquidity to cover the bond.

If so, New York AG James looks to be “soon green-lit to execute her $450 million judgment against Trump as if Trump posted no bond.”

Kingman called it a “Trump scam” WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

In response to Kingman’s post, Don Hankey, a billionaire who owns the Knight Specialty Insurance company, said they will be able to post the money for Donald Trump.

“Understand that Knight Specialty has a problem. This bond cannot be approved. Under the CPLR [civil practice laws and rules], the surety will remain obligated under the bond until a replacement bond is filed. Trump is unlikely to get a replacement bond, Knight Spec will be able and will be liable, and Trump won’t have a stay on enforcement,” he wrote.

Kingman said there are many reasons to reject the bond, and it will be. He’s radically opposed to Donald Trump and Republicans, but he might be right, and he knows where the Left is headed.

It’s Up to Knight And Whether They Can Post the Bond

The answer rests with Delaware-based Knight Specialty on whether they can post the bond in New York.

Knight has already presented the balance sheet, and AMBest has already given Knight an A-, which is excellent.

Reuters reported that the fee Trump is paying is low, so now the Left is looking to get him for that as if it’s a crime.

Democrats want to bankrupt Donald Trump and imprison him on ridiculous charges.

If they can do this to the billionaire president, they can do it to you if they decide you’re an opponent. They have all the power, and they will use it. The Leftists online are also trying to harm Mr. Hankey and his company for providing a bond. They also trashed the company that bonded him in the fraudulent E. Jean Carroll case.

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