WH Campaigns After Forgiving College Loans or Interest for Nearly 40M People


The White House announced the new student loan plan that would cancel debt for at least four million borrowers, provide $5,000 in debt relief to more than ten million, and cut any accrued interest for another 23 million borrowers.

That’s a huge burden on those who did not take out the loans and do not have the advantage of an expensive college degree.

“Thanks to our unapologetic commitment to provide relief to as many borrowers as possible as quickly as possible, our regulatory efforts would help tens of millions more borrowers find financial breathing room — and help fix our country’s broken higher education system,” Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said in a statement.

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are already stumping on the freebies they just handed out.

Biden is unlawfully transferring student debt to taxpayers to buy votes:

The Department of Education has helped cancel $146 billion in student debt for 4 million people through executive actions, the White House added.

Democrats know it’s illegal. Biden is acting as a dictator and is a threat to democracy.

The best way to reduce student debt is to cancel student loan programs that colleges encourage so they can spend more money.

Eric Schmidt wrote on X:

As Missouri Attorney General I filed the lawsuit that stopped Joe Biden’s student loan debt forgiveness scam. It saved taxpayers a half a TRILLION dollars. He’s at it again — in a cynical effort to buy votes. It’s a huge middle finger to those who paid them back, or worked their way through college or took an entirely different path. He’s shedding younger voters and he knows he’s losing to Trump. He and the Dems are desperate and it won’t work. The country is ready to move on from his disastrous Presidency and the radical Left’s policies that are hurting Americans.

“Once again,” Tom Cotton wrote on X, “President Biden is ignoring the Supreme Court and shamelessly raiding the treasury to transfer billions in student loan debt to taxpayers. He’s using your money to buy votes. It’s Biden — not President Trump — who is a threat to democracy.”

Nice summary here:

Last year, successful and rich writer Maya Contreras had her $200,000 in college loans in fancy schools paid off.

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