Audio op-ed: Mental Toughness


Audio op-ed: Mental Toughness

by Karen Kataline

The idea of “preventive medicine” isn’t new for people who care about their health and longevity, but the term is usually used to refer to physical rather than mental health.

In these unprecedented times of increased crime and social unrest, deterioration of law and order, disturbing levels of inflation, supply chain disruptions, fear-mongering and the use of force by those in authority, erosion of equal protection under the law, breakdown in trust of the media and government institutions, direct attacks on first principles and the Bill of Rights, how is the average citizen faring mentally and emotionally?

It’s hardly a scientific study, but many people know friends and family in their sphere who are cracking under these pressures.

Depression, suicide, and domestic abuse are on the upswing as it is human nature to revert to destructive patterns of behavior as a means of coping with uncertainty and growing adversity.

More people than ever are rejecting the false narratives that are being served to them regularly by the lockstep propaganda media. We never thought we’d see straight-up censorship in America and even public punishment and discrimination of those who doubt those narratives. That has only increased suspicions that something sinister is being done to our country and that it’s being done deliberately.

Some have had the “curse of awareness” longer than most.

The “curse” carries an extra psychological burden on top of existing stressors and potentially puts sufferers at greater risk for anxiety and depressive disorders. The term “gaslighting” is being used more widely now to point out that the new authoritarians push fictional narratives and then delight in the social breakdown of mental health. So it is more imperative than ever not to give them what they want.

To add insult to that injury, those who quietly suffer are finding fewer places to get professional help because of the growing politicization of the mental health industry and the erosion of medical freedom and privacy.

What are the building blocks for “mental toughness?” Can we cultivate it after a lifetime of comfort and complacency?  What are the building blocks for preventative mental health medicine?  Can we use it to help our friends and loved ones who may be suffering?

Here is the first audio op-ed in this ongoing exploration:


Karen Kataline’s style has been described as “funny, feisty, but fair.” She hosts Spouting Off, a live, call-in talk show covering politics, pop culture, and social psychology. She maintains an active blog and her Op-Eds can be seen online at Fox News, Investor’s Business Daily, Western Journal, Town Hall, The Daily Caller, FrontPage Mag, and The American Thinker.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
8 months ago

The mental health industry hurts more than helps. The normal treatment is personality altering drugs with long term side effects. Insurance pays for it, people get addicted.

I know people who reacted badly to the deteriorating situation. I lost 2 long time friends because I do not accept being programmed. They both have lots of fear and expect others to cower to the powers. I see it as weakness. It is best to avoid those people, they will take you down.

The best treatment comes from within. If ones falls for the false narratives, one shows the weakness to be mentally ill.

8 months ago

It’s not so much that people are unaware. They see the problem every time they go to the Grocery or Pump Gas. Eating out is off the table for most families.

The real problem is most people were totally unprepared even though we have been watching the problem grow for over 50 years. I was thinking about moving overseas for retirement, but pulled trigger and bought a small Ranch in the Deep South over 2 years ago to hedge my bets. I’m in a Red State surrounded by Red States. I knew the Democrats were up to something evil when the Covid Hoax Started, and realized that it was going to be a Worldwide problem.

It’s the people who haven’t studied the Past and can’t rationally observe the Present who are caught off guard by the Future. These are the People who will respond with emotion and anger, the ones who crack, which unfortunately leads to their demise because to a tyrannical government they are just canon fodder. Most of these people support Democrats and will crack when they realize that the Government is not going to save them, but is the enemy. They will be the first to go hungry and riot for survival.

The People who scare the Government are the ones they can’t Intimidate or Control. Like our Founding Fathers, the Logical Patriot will be an independent Militiamen who will go after the Officers at the beginning of each battle, or while they feel safe, leaving the Tyrants in disarray until their central control collapses. The Logical Patriot will quietly neutralize the foundations of Tyranny while standing in plain sight.

What Logical Patriots have going for them is Godless Communist Globalist Liberal Losers aren’t scared, while they should be putting on their Brown Pants. The Tyrannical Government is so out of touch, so out numbered, and so out gunned that their only hope of any kind of win is Nuclear War, and that is the action of Mad Men when against their own people! Martial Law will just result in the death of a lot of American Soldiers; the American Guerrilla Army numbers in the Tens of Millions starting with over 15 million Veterans. Here in the South the Militia trains for over 4 months a year; it’s called Deer Season!

8 months ago

Lawlessness and breakdown of social economics norms is exactly what radical left intended. This is when big government steps in to “help”. Road to surfdom and Socialism starts right there. Still the only huge obstacle is 2nd Amendment, but Democrats with the help of worthless RINOs led by Mitch McConnell are ready to chip away at it.

8 months ago
Reply to  Adonis

They are aware, but their defense mechanism is denial.