America Is Dying


“America is undergoing serious self-harm in all spheres of existence: ideational, scientific, populational, educational, economical, political, legal, military, and territorial. The country is rapidly headed for extinction, self-performed,” Philip Carl Salzman writes at PJ Media.

We would have thought that hyperbolic only a few years ago, but now it’s closer to understatement.

Too many Americans no longer know what’s normal and abnormal, moral and not moral, unreal and real. It doesn’t help that the media and an entire political party constantly say the opposite of what they mean.

Americans in large numbers hate themselves and their country. They think everyone is racist, sexist, and homophobic, and the list continues. The Left has redefined words to make everything seem like an offense.

For instance, according to the Left, any criticism or unflattering statistic involving black people is racism. The same goes for LGBTQIA+. Even if they are doing perverse, you are homophobic if you say anything.

PJ Media notes that a July 2022 Rasmussen poll shows that the law of the land, the Constitution, is regarded by the governing party’s supporters as “a document rooted in racism” and “a sexist document that gives men advantages over women.”

The Left has successfully destroyed our belief in America. At the same time, the Left is turning people away from God. They demonize religious people, mostly Christians. It’s deliberate.  The country was founded on Judeo-Christian philosophy. That can hardly coexist with the hateful ideology the Left is pushing.

What kind of nation lauds the violent killing of unborn babies and promotes extreme sexual behavior? By the latter, I mean orgies and random sex with partners people pick up off the street.

I also mean sexualizing and indoctrinating small children like the boy in the next clip.

It’s hateful.

Mr. Salzman writes about self-hate:

Nowhere is the decay of America as evident as in its schools. Once institutions taught children readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic. Schools are now teaching tiny children sex, gender, and transgression, and are grooming them to join the gay and trans communities, and even to switch sides or shift on the gender continuum. Beyond this, kids are introduced to race categorization, segregation, and activism. Pupils learn which races are good and which are bad, which are “privileged” (like Anne Frank) and which are oppressed (like Barak Obama). They learn that America was founded to advance slavery of blacks, the Constitution written to protect slavery, and that throughout its history America was, and even today is, “systemically racist.” So it is wrong to be patriotic toward an evil country, but you can in good conscience swear allegiance to the queer and trans rainbow flag or the Black Lives Matter flag. Self-hate from the bottom up.

Parents like the parent of the child below could have a mental issue along the lines of Munchausen Syndrome. Someone needs to look into it. Any parent should understand how damaging it is to lie to a child, telling them to be any gender they want.

Gender confusion is destroying the American family; with that, everything else fails.

We have a two-tiered justice system where left-wing rioters go free and parading trespassers get prison sentences.

The police can’t do their jobs, our borders are open to the world, and the Left is sissifying and corrupting the military. This is pure lawlessness and insanity.

We have drugs pouring into the country and foreign children drowning in the Rio Grande. It’s evil to promote this.

In our country, criminals are protected in sanctuary cities, and we have pro-criminal prosecutors.

Everything good, like morality, lawfulness, freedom, love of country, science, logic, math, and the Constitution, is a symptom of “whiteness” and must be rejected.

I don’t believe most Americans are hate-filled and evil, but it will be the majority soon if we don’t speak up and demand it stop now.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

This is a failure of history proportions, the greatest failure in world history. It is easily recognizable. It could have been easily avoided if people would control their own thoughts.

Sick of it All
Sick of it All
1 year ago

There are uprisings all over the world. The latent one being in Panama. They only protests we’re seeing in our country go against our Judea Christian beliefs. Abortion rights, gas rights, etc. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

Thomas Jefferson

1 year ago

I find it ironic that no matter which ‘poison’ or ‘sickness’ or ‘subversion’ or ‘policy or agenda’ which is destructive to the interests of, and long term survival of, traditional America – which the author of this pessimistic article points to, every one of these ills all have the same thing in common.
What is that thing they all have in common?
They all originate from, are heavily promoted by, are financed by and shoved down the throat of America by the same tribe of Middle Eastern nation wreckers.
But, to make the deterioration and destructive of America even more dire – anyone who dares to mention the nation wreckers by name – will immediately be targeted for being erased and cast out of the public forum of critical discussion.
Here is a short list of the destructive agendas that these nation wreckers are responsible for;

  1. Promoting and glamouring homosexuality, even to our school children.
  2. Promoting and grooming our school children with tranny freak propaganda
  3. Critical Race Theory: brainwashing whites to feel guilty for being born white, teaching non-whites to hate and blame whites for all of their failures in life.
  4. Great White Race Replacement Agenda – refusing to secure our borders, refusing to enforce our immigration laws, importing millions of incompatible and hostile aliens from every failed, corrupt, disease and poverty stricken third world nation as part of the agenda to maliciously reduce Whites to a hated and despised minority inside the nation that their 100 percent White European Founding Fathers created then bequeathed to their White European posterity.
  5. In the current White House administration, 10 out of the top 10 picks for the Biden cabinet were all members of the same tribe of nation wreckers and this is the reason we have heard non-stop deliveries of the most toxic and vitriolic anti-White race hate and endless demonization of White America and it’s White Founding Fathers since Pedo Joe stepped foot in the stolen Oval Office.
  6. The dangerous experimental covid-19 vaccines, every one of which was manufactured by a Big Pharma company that was headed by someone who is a member of the same tribe of nation wreckers – and yet the death toll and adverse and debilitating side effects of these experimental vaccines continues to explode across the world, but – Big Pharma continues to push these dangerous vaccines as being ‘safe’ and ‘effective’ – despite embarrassing reports from the UK which reveal that over 90 percent of the deaths from covid-19 were among the fully vaccinated.
  7. Relentless efforts by the totalitarian, now openly Communist Democrats and their RINO rat pals to attack the Second and First Amendment rights of all Americans with the ultimate objective of disarming the entire law abiding American people, thereby rendering them unable to defend themselves from either violent criminals or from the Soviet Communist flavored kinds of tyranny that the Democrats are hoping to unleash once they’ve disarmed the citizens. Once again, any serious investigation of every piece of anti-Second Amendment, gun control, or gun ban legislation will reveal a preponderance of names of politicians with very close ties to the same tribe of nation wreckers.
  8. Control of Hollywood and the mainstream media: using these outlets to promote endless anti-White, anti-American propaganda. Promoting and glamorizing sexual degeneracy in all of its vilest forms, promoting use of dangerous and illegal drugs, promoting excessive consumption of alcohol, glamorizing the illegal use of firearms (Natural Born Killers, Woody Harrelson) with the objective of putting evil ideas in the heads of unstable and mentally sick movie watchers and to try to scaremonger law abiding citizens to support gun bans and gun control.
  9. Covering up, excusing, ignoring, or blaming the decades long epidemic of black crime on Whites, falsely claiming that blacks are not genetically predisposed to disregard laws (which are created by White men and which they resent for that reason) and that White ‘racism’ is responsible for the crime blacks commit, not only against Whites, but also the reason why blacks commit crime against other blacks.
  10. Drug epidemic: Fueled by the refusal to secure our borders and to put a screeching halt to the narco-drug cartel’s ability to flood our nation with deadly drugs like fentanyl and heroine and cocaine. Millions of American lives are lost every year due to these drugs.

This is just a short list of the nation wrecking agendas that are promoted by the nation wrecking tribe. A full list would span dozens of pages.
And, if you dare mention the identity of these nation wreckers, you will be swiftly ‘cancelled’.

Ronald Harms
Ronald Harms
1 year ago

Babylon is falling . .

Harrison Pendleton
Harrison Pendleton
1 year ago

Show Joe Biden a big stick and he might back off.