Aussie Commander: “I will make sure everyone gets a dose by Christmas 2021″


Is the military in control of Australia? A General is in charge and promises to get people vaccinated by Christmas.

“Lt. Gen Frewen, Commander of the COVID-Force Operation in Australia, “I will make sure everyone gets a dose by Christmas 2021.” [Watch the clips]

This should be in the Babylon Bee. In fact, we are living in the Babylon Bee.

He doesn’t say anything about force but the fact that he’s a general trying to convince people is concerning. So far, he’s working with community leaders to “convince” people. He’s gone from the “information phase” to a “rallying phase.” What’s the next phase if this doesn’t work?

Australia doesn’t have a Bill of Rights, which is why we need to keep ours.

Watch the full interview:

Watch this clip from The Gateway Pundit:

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