Dems harass, threaten Sen Sinema, follow her into bathroom, film her, rant


Democrats, who are bullies and extremists, are demanding Senator Sinema go along with their $3.5 trillion socialist/communist ‘human infrastructure’. The far-left Democrats think she has bad political and financial ideas of the US, such as saying the US is facing a debt and deficit crisis. The radicals are even following her into the bathroom stall in the video below.

They are looking for a primary challenger and are encouraging very far-left Rep. Reuben Gallego to run against her. They are also talking about holding a vote of no-confidence, which is small ball.

Democrats are not thrilled with her because she opposed raising the minimum wage, abolishing the Senate filibuster, and she doesn’t support spending $3.5 trillion.

“She’s practically laying out a red carpet for” a primary challenge, said state Sen. Martin Quezada (D), a far-left loon. “I think that’s the next step that people here in Arizona, activists, and members of the party are going to take, is to start building that war chest to fund a possible primary challenge against her.”

“We were willing to elect a more moderate Democrat to that seat. But what we weren’t willing to do was to elect someone who was going to completely leave us high and dry on all of these issues, and she’s crossed that line at this point,” said Quezada. “We thought we would get an independent thinker, we thought we would get a moderate Democrat, but a Democrat, a strong Democrat nonetheless. And we don’t feel like we have that.”

They find her an enigma and call her a centrist. She actually isn’t a centrist and there’s no mystery – she’s just not a communist.

Democrats actually think she’s promoting bad political and economic ideas by saying the US is facing and debt and deficit crisis.

Far-left Democrats followed Senator Sinema into a bathroom and harassed her into a stall. They are truly disgusting.

Hill authors Tal Axelrod and Max Greenwood write:

Sinema reflects a problem for the party going back decades — having this notion that high taxes are bad, big government is bad and there’s some nonexistent crisis with the deficit,” said Jonathan Tasini, a progressive strategist and former national surrogate for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-Vt.) 2016 presidential campaign.

“The notion that you wouldn’t be going out and selling this reconciliation bill — it drives me nuts,” he added. “She is dooming the Democratic Party to defeat by regurgitating false economic ideas. That’s what drives me to drink.”

She’s likely conscious of the fact that Arizona is not yet deep blue. Changing demographics have only recently opened up in Arizona for Democrats.

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