Aussies, fed up with the communism, riot in Melbourne


Anti-lockdown riots have erupted in Melbourne’s CBD with violent protesters overpowering police officers and storming the streets in defiance of the city’s stay-at-home orders, reports the media.

Hello, of course, they are angry. As for violence, what do people expect? They have been beaten, basically imprisoned for no reason, and arrested for months.

The Aussies believe it’s about control, not health. The Morrison government is a tyrannical government, period.

More than 1,000 demonstrators turned out in full force to protest against the lockdown as they swarmed in front of traffic in Richmond, in the Victorian capital’s inner suburbs, on Saturday.

Melbourne has been in lockdown for 228 days and it’s unnecessary. Lockdowns don’t even work.

The Australians have had it and we congratulate them on their patience.

There were rallies and near-riots in multiple cities as part of the ‘Freedom Day’ protests.

Police arrested 235 people, mostly for “breaching health directions.

Others were charged with assault, riotous behavior, and weapons and drug offenses. Each will be fined $5,452, with 193 infringements handed out so far.”

The police should not be in this position. Several were injured. The government is responsible for all of this.

Watch the viral videos:

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2 years ago

When police enforce unethical or un-Constitutional laws they become the enemy of the People and don’t deserve respect. I expect more riots in Australia. When the riots begin in America that won’t be so polite. The Police will be the enemy and there will be no Law and Order. This is what results when Democrats have control of Government.

Baseball Furies vs. The Lizzys
Baseball Furies vs. The Lizzys
2 years ago

The classic Warriors (1979) where gang leader Cyrus says at the NYC summit…there ain’t but 20,000 police in the whole town, can you dig it!
Heavily sampled on many rap albums.
Nothing will change until the apparatchiks fear the people, as it is supposed to be.
Get over it to those people who still think the police or military are coming along to save you.

2 years ago

I sure have no sympathies for the police there after seeing how They behaved. I expected the people to rush the police at some point, and now it’s beginning. But none of them will learn from this. Not only will they double-down, but probably get even more extreme. It wouldn’t surprise me if they go the martial law route and end up with their own Tiananmen square moment.