Aussies have to drink with masks on in bars & they have National Resilience Centers


Australians will no longer allow citizens to remove their masks to drink inside a bar, and the Aussies are going along with this. They are allowed to drink outside. They also seem to be content with their National Resilience camps.

Construction is underway at Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience. The Orwellian name describes the new quarantine facility in Mickleham. It is expected to open at the end of the year.

The center is being built on Commonwealth land and construction costs will be funded by the federal government, with the Victorian government to run the facility.

They don’t have a full consultation process in case anyone opposes it. The mayor said about that, “I would say it’s less being consulted, more being informed.”

It’s set up for people facing disasters AND people who face COVID quarantines. International travelers and repatriated Aussies have to spend two weeks in one of these rooms. That plus the four days it takes to get there, I’ll be real sure to book my trip to Australia real soon.

They have mandatory supervised quarantine for repatriated Australians and international travelers:

International and interstate travelers (from designated hotspots) who are eligible to enter the Northern Territory are required by law to undertake 14 days of quarantine in supervised accommodation under the Public and Environmental Health Act 2011. The accommodation is determined by the Northern Territory Government.*

Individuals entering into mandatory supervised quarantine in the Northern Territory will be charged a rate of $2,500 per person or $5,000 for a family of two or more people for 14 days.

Any person found breaching quarantine regulations will be liable for fines.

There are two mandatory supervised quarantine facilities in the Northern Territory;

You can’t leave the room for two weeks and they have guards watching you.

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