Biden said they were “prepared for every contingency”


During his approximately 15- to a 16-minute press conference today, Biden said his administration was “prepared for every contingency” in Afghanistan. So, why are U.S. troops pushing Afghans out of the Hamid Karzai airport while Taliban are shooting at them if they try to get in or out? Where is the preparation? Was that the plan? He said on July 8th, the ultimate worst-case scenario was “highly unlikely.”


Where was the preparation of this:

What happens when they come for us?

Biden literally blamed everyone for Afghanistan except himself, or at least that’s what he read off the teleprompter. He blamed Bush, Obama, Trump, the Afghan army, the Afghan people, the Afghan President and I probably left someone off.



  1. I mean they had Super Mario Kart, Depends, Metamucil, Fishnets, coke booger portraits, poop straws, choom, a harem for Hunter fresh from the red light district, and they still couldn’t get it done?
    We need more purple haired yass kweens and some rainbow flags, stat!

  2. It was ending up being to much to detail. If all this is true then it way far worse than I thought or even imagined. So it’s best to see the whole episode. The main question, HOW, did we “decide” Who to include in those Afghan forces. It sounds like we completely abandoned those original fighters and went with the wrong side. Another case of Ukraine and Syria.….biden-is-staying-complicit.html

    What makes Bannon think Qatar is a great ally. Funny that Germany wants no part of these refugees given they fully support refugee resettlement.

    Afghan booty is Enormous

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