Aussies Want to Deport Novak Djokovic After He Wins His Case


Breaking News: Novak Djokovic won a legal victory in his bid to avoid deportation from Australia and compete for a record 21st Grand Slam tennis title. Unfortunately, Australia is now a dictatorship. They are likely going to try and deport him.

Australia’s Federal Circuit Court has quashed the government’s decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa. He was released from detention on Monday, saying that he wants to stay and compete in the Australian Open.

However, Australia’s immigration minister has said he is “currently considering the matter” and the process of suspending Djokovic’s visa is “ongoing.” On NY WINS (CBS affiliate) this morning, they said he plans to deport Djokovic. After their courts decided, this politician plans to ignore it and overturn the decision with self-imbued powers.

Can you imagine?

Outside Djokovic’s lawyer’s office, police used pepper spray against supporters who were blocking the path of a car believed to be carrying the Serbian player. Tennis Australia sparked controversy last week after saying the Australian Open champion had been granted a medical exemption to play at the tournament, but Prime Minister Scott Morrison later said he had been advised that “such an exemption was not in place.” Djokovic’s lawyers say he received a positive COVID-19 test in December (16th), which they argue makes him eligible for an exemption to Australia’s vaccination rules.

He is asymptomatic and has natural immunity. He shouldn’t be given special privileges because he’s an amazing tennis player, but rather because he’s well.

This is madness and it’s worldwide.

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