Australian Senators Grill Pfizer Executives for Stunning Responses


On Friday, Pfizer executives were getting blasted with questions they couldn’t or wouldn’t answer by Australian senators. However, they did get some deeply concerning answers, such as Pfizer employees receiving a special batch of the vaccine. They also couldn’t explain how or why the vaccine causes myocarditis and pericarditis. There’s more.

Although Pfizer spokespersons like to give non-answers, the Australian Senators pressed Pfizer executives for answers.

Pfizer had a special batch of the vaccine only for Pfizer employees.

Also, Pfizer employees didn’t have to get vaccinated if they had legitimate grounds, unlike what Biden and his Democrat handlers mandated in the USA.

One Prizer employee claimed no one was forced to take the vaccine. That is a lie. You couldn’t travel or do much of anything without vaccination.

They Don’t Answer Questions

“It’s getting hot FOR PFIZER Down Under. Australian Senate Committee kicked off its hearing asking Pfizer executives: “Did Pfizer test whether your Covid-19 vaccine could stop or reduce the transmission of the disease?” *non-answer*, *non-answer* — > after THREE tries, he gives up and the gallery just laughs, a Twitter user and author Justin Hart wrote.

Conspiracy Theory?

It’s a conspiracy theory, or was this an international setup to use people as guinea pigs? The Left said from the beginning that this could be used to implement their agenda. Now we hear people like Klaus Schwab’s daughter Nicole say that this is a model for Climate change restrictions.

Watch this entire clip – you won’t regret it.

They appear to have no idea why the vaccine causes myocarditis and pericarditis. Yet, they forced the vaccines on us.

Pfizer lied, and people died.

The Pfizer vaccines were not tested to see if they stopped the viral transmission before they entered the market.

The first person who spoke was the nontransparent CEO of Pfizer Transparency.

The question was asked if they were tested.

“No, we really had to move,” said the Pfizer executive.

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