Radical Elitist Nicole Schwab Talked Casually of Coming Lockdowns


The globalists are planning worldwide lockdowns to save the planet based on their error-filled, computer-generated predictions that have a history of failure.

Klaus Schwab’s daughter, Nicole Schwab, claimed our system is not sustainable, and it is an opportunity for The Great Reset.

Nicole Schwab claims that “Covid” has demonstrated that rapid and extreme changes to the fabric of society can be implemented when people perceive an immediate sense of emergency. It is a mechanism that can be applied to the “climate crisis” to accelerate the WEF’s “Great Reset” agenda.

They used fear with Covid, and they will do it again. She wants a lot of money and decided we have to make a lot of concessions.

Who thinks she will make a lot of sacrifices? While the clip is from 2021, nothing has changed.


via InTent in 2020

Transcript via Climate Depot

“This [COVID] crisis has shown us that first of all, things can shift very rapidly when we put our minds to it and when we feel the immediate emergency to our livelihoods. And second, that clearly the system, I mean, you mentioned it earlier, that we had before is not sustainable.

“So I see it as a tremendous opportunity to really have this Great Reset and to use this huge flows of money — to use the increased levers that policymakers have today — in a way that was not possible before to create a change that is not incremental but that we can look back and we can say this is the moment where we really started to position nature at the core of the economy.

Business Growth?

“Taking the point of view of business and economy and looking at where are there opportunities to create jobs and regenerate nature? And there are plenty of opportunities and this is again a mindset of actually innovation technology, and a business growth can happen with a positive impact of nature and kind of laying out some of these examples.

“Regenerative agriculture is of course, a huge part of that as well. And one of the key reflection points here is also around engaging youth, and for me, it’s again, I
come back to this shift in mindset of the restoration generation, can we conceive of ourselves as humans? I mean, you talked about a new humanity; I think you mentioned it, right?

“Can we conceive of ourselves as a restoration generation? I think that’s where we need to go. I’m also hopeful that it’s possible, but I think it will take a lot of will, both political will but also in terms of the business actors, to break with business as usual but in a very serious way and to say we need to make very difficult choices. There are
trade-offs but this is our chance and other, and this is about risk, and it’s about resilience because the shocks are coming are going to be even worse if we don’t do it now.


These globalists are totalitarian at their core; they are unelected, self-appointed radicals who are going to make the population of Earth, excluding the elites, obey their will. It’s the reason for the global taxes, CBDCs, banks, wars, war on fossil fuels, and sustainable goals.

Nicole Schwab has a lot of powerful, rich friends who agree with her, including her father, Klaus.

They’ve Been Preparing Us

Conversations about climate lockdowns heated up in 2020. Anyone who is still falling for this needs to read more.

An article in The Hill in February 2022 by Kristan Tate noted the accelerating discussions of the danger of climate change. Now we are told by the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres, a Marxist who rakes in $75 million a year, that we are into “global boiling.” There is no evidence of that, and they routinely lie with statistics.

Tate writes:

In November 2020, the Red Cross proclaimed that climate change is a bigger threat than COVID and should be confronted with “the same urgency.”

Bill Gates recently demanded dramatic measures to prevent climate change, claiming it will be worse than the pandemic.

Despite millions of people having died from COVID, former governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney last year predicted that climate deaths will dwarf those of the pandemic.

Lockdowns, which significantly reduced carbon emissions during 2020, could be the solution. After all, the EU’s climate service gloated; the first COVID lockdown may have saved 800 lives.

We don’t even need to mention John Kerry or Greta Thunberg. Now we have Nicole Schwab.

This is a scam, people.

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