Australia’s Moving to Communist UBI


Australian TV host Alexandra Marshall interviewed Professor David Flint who wrote about the extended welfare for the able-bodied who don’t feel like working. That is what is going on in the United States. Democrats constantly want the work component removed from welfare requirements.

Marshall pointed out that work is becoming optional for healthy people. “How David, that sounds a bit like a version of the universal basic income where some people have to work, and others spend their lives funding, you know, the state-based welfare system. I mean why would people even bother working if they know they can get benefits from the government and bonuses from the government for not working? It seems a little unfair.”

Professor Flint had written a piece analyzing the state of affairs.

“For many people, it is more attractive. It is, however, something which undermines society. The basis of a democratic society under the rule of law, in a civilized world, is that you have an essentially virtuous population, that is, a population we believe in – essentially in Australian language doing the right thing. Doing the right thing by themselves, by their families, by the community, and that’s what the government politicians have allowed people not to do.

“And as I stated … it has made work optional, and what we have is not only people deciding to do that but it is installed into institutions that you get intergenerational welfare dependency.”

The system has been bred into a familial arrangement. It was extended by law into the indigenous remote communities. The indigenous people called it “sit down money.”

“You would receive money for not working and that had a terrible effect on people. It has a terrible effect on people of all races, not just the indigenous races, because it unleashes other things in a person’s mind. Obviously, it creates the impression that you can do this.”

“These are healthy people. They’re young enough to work. They’re healthy enough to work. We’re not talking about people who have illnesses, and they have decided not to work because … the politicians have decided that it’s not worth trying to control who receives this money…”

This is what Democrats are doing to America. It’s poverty and indolence for all. Socialism and communism are evil systems.


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Ben Colder
Ben Colder
3 months ago

If no one works who pays the taxes that the loafer gets paid with ?

Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
3 months ago
Reply to  Ben Colder

Nobody will pay taxes so then the government enslaves people to force them to work where and doing what they’re told or not eat. Except, unlike capitalism where the harder and/or more efficient you are, the more you have, under the new system you have to work but will only receive what the government wants to give to you, you will own nothing and like it. That’s also a goal of the WEF.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
3 months ago

Blodgers are disgusting. Originally the word was a term used for pimps for living off of prostitutes but today it is more about do nothings that try to live off the dole without working.

  1. (AustraliaNew Zealandslangderogatory) A person who avoids working, or doing their share of work, a loafer, a hanger-on, one who does not pull their weight.  

Sounds like a word that needs to be added to the vocabulary of USA english.