Authoritarian EU Chief Demands Carbon Taxes


Authoritarian EU chief Ursula von der Leyen claims carbon is a pollutant, and Europeans must pay for it, so they can’t afford to pollute. This would affect US air travel.

“We all know if we want to keep global warming below the tipping point of 1.5°, we need to cut global emissions, and there’s a way to cut emissions while fostering innovation and growth,” von der Leyen said, grabbing onto the arbitrary 1.5° figure.

“Put a price on carbon. It is a market-driven instrument, and the message is very clear: you are polluting — you must pay a price.

“You want to avoid the payment. Well then, innovate and decarbonize. Carbon pricing nudges the private sector towards innovation. It makes heavy polluters pay a fair price, and the revenues can be reinvested in the fight against climate change in innovation and in a just transition.

“This is not only one of the most powerful tools in our hands. It is also one of the most trusted and the most tested.”

[It stifles innovation because it cuts funds for innovation. It’s also meant to control the middle class.]

Climate change is an all-encompassing wealth redistribution scam. Giving money to authoritarian politicians does nothing for the climate, but it will impoverish the middle class and suffocate industries.

Carbon is not a pollutant. It’s the stuff of life.

It’s a tax scam because reducing future CO2 emissions produces no measurable change in temp, weather, or climate.

One X user wrote: “Reduce future CO2 release” is the worst “fix the weather” idea since “human sacrifice” and produces the same results.

Green parties in Europe are on track to lose seats in the EU Parliament.

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