Biden’s Internal San Diego Memo OKs Illegals from China, Africa, ME


The administration told the San Diego sector to release illegal aliens except those from a few far Eastern European countries…not China, the Middle East, or South America. Catch and release is just release.

After claiming he was going to close down the border and issuing an executive order that made matters worse, the Democrat administration told San Diego to continue to catch and release.

San Diego is the new Ground Zero for massive unvetted illegal aliens. Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are the only countries that can’t send illegals. That means out of 195 countries, 189 can still send people illegally.

However, we take in people with no IDs and barely screen them. All they have to do is lie about where they come from.

Most coming now are from China, Africa, and the Middle East. They can keep coming in.

An internal border patrol memo for the San Diego sector proves once again the administration was lying to you.

Fox News:

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