Avocado Farmers Slaughtered in Mexico & Why You Should Care


Eleven Avocado farmers were murdered in Western Mexico where rival gangs fight for control and extort the locals. Six of the victims were minors. They were between the ages of 13 and 20. You should care because this is the kind of violence and horror that Democrats are inviting into the US with open borders.

According to state authorities, the victims left to go to a wooded area to collect honey in the morning and did not return home. It was not until that night when authorities found the 11 bodies, all shot several times.

Locals told Breitbart Texas the victims were Purepecha Indians and that state authorities have largely ignored their pleas for help as criminal organizations target avocado farmers for extortion schemes.

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2 years ago

The CCP agents masquerading as Demorats don’t care.They will use these gangs of ruthless killers to collect votes and deliver them to their protectors. When will people understand that the Democratic Party has been captured and devolved into an organized crime syndicate? There is no mafia today.They took over and renamed themselves the Democratic Party and they now control America.