Pelosi’s Bills Raise Food & Energy Costs, Indoctrinates Kids, Adds Killer Taxes


The Democrat’s reconciliation bills will add trillions in taxes and gives $10 billion in payments to illegal aliens.

The bill includes COVID vaccine mandates and amnesty for illegal aliens, who Democrats see as future voters for them.


Florida Congresswoman Kat Cammack took to social media yesterday to warn America that Democrats fear the writing is on the wall after Tuesday’s elections and they will push these bills through, out of desperation. Pelosi has put the so-called “reconciliation bill back into play.”

The bills are filled with Green New Deal garbage and welfare.

One provision places a huge tax on beef cattle, dairy cattle, and hogs, with food prices already setting record increases from inflation and other factors.

According to Cammack, Ground beef would jump to over 10.00 per pound, and overall price increases will rise 300 to 600%, including things like cheese or any food derived from dairy cows, cattle, or pigs.

They are incorporating the Green New Deal into our public schools and will teach “environmental justice” to the tune of $10 billion.

The figurehead in the White House with a teleprompter insists the cure for high gas prices is the Green New Deal [It will actually destroy our energy sector].

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