Awful! NYC ends qualified immunity for police, opening them up to lawsuits


Communistic New York City is ending qualified immunity for police officers as soon as the mayor signs the bill. That means any lunatic who doesn’t agree with their actions or verbal interactions can sue them personally. They can even go after their pensions. It gives criminals a huge advantage.

Any officer who takes proactive actions would be putting him/herself at grave risk. Democrats know this destroys the police departments. That must be the goal.

Maybe we should end qualified immunity for all politicians!

Fox News reports that the New York City Council moved to end qualified immunity for police officers Thursday, making it the first big city in the nation to do so.

The bill now goes to communist Mayor Bill de Blasio and he will sign it.

They’ve also cut $1 billion out of the budget.

That’s Not All

Another provision gives the Civilian Complaint Review Board, which investigates police misconduct, resources to investigate racial bias in policing, and it requires police to collect data on traffic stops, including the race of people apprehended.

Another resolution the council passed requires newly hired cops to live in New York City limits. That eliminates a lot of normal Americans who live in Nassau County.

New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said qualified immunity was “rooted in our nation’s history of systemic racism” and “should never have been allowed.

In no way is it racist, it’s only qualified immunity and it gives the police some protection from the criminals.

Corey Johnson is absolutely awful at his job, but this is the new communist New York.

“New Yorkers are getting shot, and police officers are on the streets day and night, trying to stop the bloodshed,” Patrick Lynch, president of the Police Benevolent Association, said in a statement, adding that the new bill would “chill the operations of law enforcement.”

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