AWOL Mayor Bill de Blazy-o Spent 7 Hours @ City Hall in May


This past May, after launching his spectacularly quixotic quest for the presidency, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio b at his office on just six occasions. He took part in two meetings, four events, and five phone calls, one of which was his weekly appearance on WNYC radio, according to entries on his official calendar.

Those 11 “appointments” amounted to a miserable 20% of the 50 meetings, calls and other events at City Hall penciled in on de Blasio’s calendar for May 2018. Bill had a total of 152 Big Apple events planned for the month.

All in all this year, the AWOL mayor’s has 66 calls or meetings while he was “en route”. Translated, that means phony Green New Dealer was dramatically expanding his carbon footprint by either tooling around NYC in a big SUV, or riding planes to campaign stops in states where virtually no one expanded their carbon print to see him.

The shiftless, slothful Bill de Blazy-o ought to have is pay docked accordingly.


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Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
4 years ago

Well, at least he’s living up to the Socialist ideal. That is, Bolshevik Bill does no work and lives large like the parasite he is off the taxpayer’s dime, all while criticizing the Middle Class he HATES for its supposed greed and lack of concern for the poor. To him, the successful are only sheep to be sheared at every opportunity and their wealth thrown down a rat-hole… probably located in one the NYCHA slums he runs and calls “housing for the poor.” This is the lazy, arrogant, power-hungry hypocrite that the sub-moron Liberal citizens of NYC voted for TWICE… and he is what they deserve. I have ZERO sympathy for their plight.

Edward Wolfe
Edward Wolfe
4 years ago
Reply to  Anthony Stark

You sir, are right on