Axios Declares the End of Vice as Morality Changes [to immorality?]


Axios declares the end of vice. That is where we are being taken by the far-Left – to the end of recognizing vice without changing the core problems — the weaknesses of mankind. Morality isn’t changing for the majority of Americans, but the left wants you to think it has.

“The definition of “vice” is always shifting because society’s morality is always shifting,” Axios reporter Bryan Walsh writes.

“Generally, part of what makes a vice a vice is that a lot of society considers it questionable, but a lot of society also participates in it,” he says, in the way or rationalizing.

An estimated 45.2 million people — more than 12% of the country — plan to wager on the NFL this season, up from 32% the year before, according to the AGA.

In a 2019 Pew survey, 18% of U.S. adults reported they had used cannabis over the past year — a drug that is still illegal under federal law.

2020 poll by Data for Progress found 52% of respondents at least somewhat support decriminalizing the buying and selling of sex between consenting adults, compared to just 24% in a similar 1978 poll.

Walsh says decriminalizing the activities will reduce arrests and prosecutions that “disproportionately affect people of color, while also freeing up police and courts to focus on crimes that harm more people.”

It will also NOT address the core problem.

Walsh also believes a benefit is that it can be regulated and taxed. That’s really what the government wants. He thinks that it will starve criminal organizations. However, it hasn’t now that pot is basically legal. Cartels have just decided to bring over worse drugs, such as historic amounts of fentanyl.

Walsh does weakly present the other side and notes that opponents do not think these are truly victimless crimes:

2020 study found recreational cannabis legalization in Washington state in 2012 was followed by an uptick in the likelihood that teens would use marijuana, though other research has found no clear connection.

Between 3% and 6% of U.S. adults are considered to have a gambling problem, and one study found the rate doubles among people who live within 10 miles of a gaming establishment.

Experts also have long worried that legalizing sports betting can lead to more opportunities for fixing games, eroding the integrity of the sport.

Sex work presents the biggest questions of all. Some experts doubt that selling sex can ever be truly consensual and fear that decriminalization inadvertently puts sex workers at greater risk from clients.

Walsh concludes: “The bottom line: 50 years after President Richard Nixon declared the War on Drugs, American attitudes toward and laws about activities that have long been classified as vices are changing — and with it, the assumption that it’s the government’s role to police public morality.”

This is all rationalization. The Left has decided to alter hundreds of years of knowledge and experience with their looney ideas. These laws didn’t come to pass solely because of religion or morality. It’s clearly safer for Americans.

This is why the Soros DAs say certain crimes aren’t crimes. They want you to believe stealing, drunk driving, drug crimes, shoplifting, assault, beating cops, trespass aren’t crimes.

It’s a Marxist-based cultural revolution and it won’t end well.

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9 months ago

As a Libertarian, I’ve always been for legalizing all drugs and prostitution nationally, but I’ve also been big on privacy, the 2nd Amendment, and Tiny Government. I’m a big King’s Castle Doctrine guy who believes in judicious use of deadly force when threatened by someone unknown to you. No one should be forced to cower to bullies or ask an attacker if they plan on killing you or just sending you to the hospital. Liberals don’t like the idea of deadly force because they all want to be bullies without consequence.

Anytime the Government declares war on something they just raise the price and turn it into a profitable business. I believe in freedom and if people want to screw up their lives with drugs, sex, or any other vice, that’s their right. But when they mess with my freedom and safety, I have a right to protect myself as I deem necessary. No one should have to live in fear of an aggressor, a bully, or a hot head. And most certainly not in fear of a Corrupt or Tyrannical Government.

If a woman wants to sell her body, I don’t see that as any different then a man selling his sweat digging ditches. Smart woman don’t have to sell their bodies and smart men don’t have to dig ditches. It’s good to be smart. What the Communist Democrat Liberal Losers think they want is a lot of dumb people, but they don’t understand that it will only be the 0.1% of people in the Oligarchy with all the power, money, and sex. Most Communist Democrat Liberal Losers will just be the oppressed, who think they are smart.

Throughout all of US History Cities have had a Red Light District. Hell, the whole City of New Orleans was one from it’s very beginning. Probably the French influence. We do need to draw the line at Child Prostitution. Even most 18 y/o aren’t mature enough to be a prostitute – male or female. We should also continue to regulate drugs and the other vices for children, but complete bans are ridiculous. Parents need to teach their teenagers how to deal with the vices. I drank Wine for special occasions as a teenager and played penny poker. I even did Illegal drugs. At 18, I knew what to expect. What we have now is kids turning 18, going out of control, and parents are helpless. We need to get back to Common Sense instead of Government telling everyone how to live and more importantly how they should parent. If Communist Democrat Liberal Losers what to live in the Wild West with no Law & Order and no Morality, that’s fine with me. Just realize that where I live the rules are different. That’s the reason I live in a Conservative small town area. I don’t feel a need to tell you how to live, but there is just something about Communist Democrat Liberal Losers that they have to tell everyone else how to live and that’s what creates the problems. Stop trying to take over the Federal Government and be happy to live in your “Progressive” going bankrupt State and we can all be happy.

rhetorical questions are fun
rhetorical questions are fun
9 months ago

The comrades are always searching for the New Man but there is none.
Human nature is there for a reason and it will come up from the depths to the surface every time.
You would think that enlightened, evolved, highly edumacated (sarc) godlike beings would know this, or do they?