19,000 Haitians displace Columbians with $$$ on their way to the border


“An influx of thousands of mostly Haitian migrants seeking transport northward toward the United States is pushing locals in the Colombian beach town of Necocli out of housing, residents said, as landlords favor migrants able to pay in dollars,” reports Reuters.

They pushed out residents. When they get to the US, they will replace Americans. These are people who already had refuge in Chile and Brazil.

They’re heading for the United States, and many have enough money to pay for resorts. the money likely comes mostly from leftist organizations here in the United States.

Perhaps the ones with money warlords, drug dealers, sex traffickers, cartel members, terrorists? We will never know. Mayorkas will release them immediately into the interior of the United States without vetting.

There are 19,000 of them in this one town alone. They’ve come through Panama. There are at least 40,000 more on their way up, in addition to the usual illegals coming to the US. NBC News warned about 400,000 are coming this month.

By the way, Panama is notorious as a route for criminals and terrorists to come to the USA.

So who is behind this? It’s the same people who organized the last influx of new Democrats as they aid and abet criminals. Some of the funders were discussed on this link.

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