Axios says border surge is partly CLIMATE CHANGE! It’s too hot!


This is why they’re coming.

The influx of migrants to the U.S. southern border has taken over the news, and Axios reports climate change, among other factors, ensures it won’t be going away.

Right Axios, the people coming illegally just can’t take the heat so they’re moving to Arizona and Texas where it’s 110 degrees in the summer. Maybe that’s why Joe Biden is going to send the migrants to Montana, and other northern border states.

Okay then. Got it!

According to Axios the disaster at the border is partially caused by CLIMATE CHANGE! We were wondering when that would be brought up.

Apparently, there wasn’t any climate change when Donald Trump was president since he stopped the massive migration with some legal agreements and by not offering huge incentives like free healthcare, housing, food, education, and more. We also didn’t have completely open borders thanks to memos gutting border enforcement.

According to the Axios report, the migration of tens of millions of people, exacerbated by a changing climate, will be one of the mega-trends of the 21st century. For both humanitarian and political reasons, wealthy countries like the U.S. will need to figure out a way to handle a flow of people that may never stop.


Well, that’s one way to deflect from Biden opening the borders completely.

As Axios’s Stef Kight has reported, the administration “is struggling to keep up with a migration surge” as it tries to balance humanitarian and COVID-19 concerns with border security.

Is that it or did he open the borders for future Democrat voters?

The report states that the push of extreme weather and climate change will disproportionately affect the people living in the poorer, hot countries that are already a major source of migrants to the U.S.


This is the prologue to a $3 trillion infrastructure/climate change/reparations bill coming on Friday.

The $3 trillion will be on top of $4 trillion we spent in the past year. We might have already spent too much to save our future economically, but, if not, Democrats will make sure we do spend too much.

survey released this week by Gallup found more than a quarter of the population of Latin America and the Caribbean — 120 million people — say they would like to permanently move to another country.

42 million of them say they want to move to the U.S.

And our DHS secretary told everyone in the world under 18 years of age to move here. They will eventually bring their entire families here.

“Here are questions every leader should be able to answer regardless of their politics,” Gallup chairman and CEO Jim Clifton wrote this week. “How many more people are coming to the southern border? And what is the plan?”

The plan is for endless open borders, at least until Texas is deep blue.

This is why they’re coming:


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