AZ Sen. Kyrsten Sinema will NOT support a $3.5 reconciliation bill


Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema will not support the $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill. This is after she helped move a $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan through.

“I have also made clear that while I will support beginning this process, I do not support a bill that costs $3.5 trillion — and in the coming months, I will work in good faith to develop this legislation with my colleagues and the administration to strengthen Arizona’s economy and help Arizona’s everyday families get ahead,” reports.

Sinema’s reservations with the overall budget bill, along with those of Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., who hasn’t committed to a price tag, suggests Democrats won’t have the votes to pass the more expansive plan, forcing Democrats to scale back the bill.

The Unhappy Progressives

House progressives aren’t pleased. They argue that Sinema, a frequent target of leftist fury, that she could undercut Biden’s [biden Bama’s] package. The endearing AOC threw down the race card.

“Good luck tanking your own party’s investment on childcare, climate action, and infrastructure while presuming you’ll survive a 3 vote House margin – especially after choosing to exclude members of color from negotiations and calling that a ‘bipartisan accomplishment,’” tweeted Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.)

Another radical, Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., a member of the “Squad” along with Ocasio-Cortez, accused Sinema, D-Ariz., of caring more about making friends with Republicans than dealing with the nation’s infrastructure.

“Sinema seems not to care that her own state is flooding, the west is burning, and infrastructure around the country is crumbling. Sinema is more interested in gaining GOP friends and blocking much needed resources, than fighting for her residents’ future,” she tweeted.

The WSJ Editorial Board outlined the inflation problem. While Jerome Powell finally admits there is inflation, he is putting politics first.

The Keynesian has been pushing these astronomical inflationary bills despite the damage they will do to the cost of goods and services, hurting retirees and the poor the most.

The WSJ writes:

Until he recently took a vow of silence on fiscal policy, Mr. Powell also spent a year prodding Congress to spend ever-more trillions of dollars that have spurred economic demand even as supply is constrained. This has also contributed to inflation, and the mountain of new debt has made it harder politically for the Fed to taper its purchases of Treasurys. You don’t have to be a cynic to wonder if the Fed privately now wants more inflation to ease that rising debt burden. The progressive intelligentsia is already making that case.

Consumers may feel differently, as they pay more for goods and services across the economy. Housing prices are soaring out of reach for millions. The public’s optimism about the economy from earlier this year has ebbed, and more voters are expressing concern about rising prices. The White House can read the polls.

One trait of the modern Fed is never to take responsibility for financial and economic problems. The financial panic of 2008 was the bankers’ fault. The historically slow expansion after 2009 was the fault of fiscal policy. Now the inflation surge is due to forces beyond its control. If the Powell Fed won’t even accept responsibility for the price level, which is central to the Fed’s mission, maybe it’s time for a Fed Chairman who will.

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