Back Channel Ties White House to Dem Donor-Scammer SBF


A new slack channel was uncovered tying the White House to scam artist Samuel Bankman-Fired (SBF), who is now under indictment for fraud. It was set up with the help of Sean McElwee. Having a back channel to the White House is a big deal.

Progressive activist Sean McElwee allegedly communicated with well-known journalists and Biden officials through an open Slack channel, according to Politico.

The slack channel contained conversations between Sean McElwee, the co-founder of the Progressive think tank Data for Progress and an Abolish Ice activist, White House officials, and prominent reporters. The slack channel shut down when Samuel Bankman-Fried resigned as CEO. After FTX collapsed, he announced his exit. He was fired!

It’s suspicious and signals there is much more to those Democrat ties to FTX. Influential people were on a back channel to the White House, coordinating with an obvious scammer. who stole a lot of money from the rich and famous.

SBF is charged with campaign finance violations, and he was the Democrats’ second largest donor next to George Soros. SBF had co-conspirators. We might not have the names of all of them yet.

Given Biden’s corruption for fifty years, and his penchant for influence peddling through his family, bribing and extorting Ukrainians, and taking his cut as the Big Guy, one must wonder what was going on.

Elon Musk said at one point that he thinks Samuel Bankman-Fried’s Democrat donations were more than $40 million.

Who knows, but something is happening here beyond what we already know. We need a thorough investigation.

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