Back in Kentucky, Mitch Gushes Over Socialist Joe and Ky Pork


Meanwhile, as a minority of Republicans try to fight bad governance, Mitch McConnell traveled with Joe Biden to Kentucky to celebrate last year’s inflationary infrastructure bill. So-called Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell joined other RINOs, Democrats, and Biden to brag about passing the Democrats’ agenda because it brings pork to Kentucky. Ugh!

It was quite a scene as Mitch pretended this is what bipartisanship should be all about.

During the speech, both men remarked on how their partnership brought the bill to fruition. McConnell began by saying:

“I always feel like whoever gets elected, once it’s all over, you oughta look for things you agree on and try to do those, even when we have differences on other things. And this bridge, I think, symbolizes the coming together of both sides on something that both sides thought was important. “

“So it’s not just this project, but the bipartisan infrastructure bill that the President signed.” He later continued, “We’ve all been talking about it for years, but we finally stepped up to address it.”

Does anyone remember when Donald Trump tried to pass an infrastructure bill, and Mitch, Pelosi, and Schumer said they wouldn’t do it. They didn’t want Trump to have a win.

McConnell also called out Kentucky’s Democratic Governor, Andy Beshear, for successfully working with the Republican Kentucky state Senate and House.

Of course, he did. He never had a kind word for DJT or his followers.

Mitch got to deal with some crumbling infrastructure in Kentucky and Ohio but not in the rest of the country. To pass it, he increased inflation and the size of the government.

Republicans and Democrats have decided to cut the debt with inflation, seriously harming the middle class. That bill was $1.2 trillion or $1.5 trillion. I can’t remember offhand and don’t want to. There were two of those phony ‘infrastructure’ bills, and McConnell pretended that’s what they were all about.

They moved the insane leftist agenda forward – including climate extremism.

Democrats loves this show in Kentucky today.

Mitch is too old for the job. He lives in 1990.

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