Bad Data on COV, Bad Decisions Being Made


The United States is making decisions about lockdowns based on bad data. Remember the charts Drs. Fauci and Birx used to tell the president to lock down everything in a one-size-fits-all approach? They were off by millions.

The virus is bad. We don’t want to minimize that, but we need to keep this in perspective.

We are ruining children’s lives by keeping them out of school, away from friends, depriving them of graduations and athletic scholarships even though COV-19 has almost zero impact on children.

People who need MRIs and stints and other surgeries aren’t getting them.

Businesses are going out and some won’t come back.

Dr. Fauci has been wrong on every prediction but no one in power or in the media seems very bothered by that.

We have fools running New York who didn’t clean out the homeless who live on subways at night, fools who didn’t require masks on subways, and sent the sick and elderly to ill-equipped nursing homes instead of to the Comfort, the Navy hospital ship which only had about 184 passengers altogether.

If it wasn’t for the incompetent New York City Mayor and New York Governor, this would be much less of a problem and the lockdown would be over.

Additionally, we are doing it all based on faulty information.

Look at the CDC numbers in the chart below as of May 1st. They say they are a week or two or even eight weeks behind in counts because death certificates take time.

Also, the CDC is telling doctors to put “probable” or “presumed” COV deaths down as COVID-19. That has never been done according to a number of doctors who have spoken out.

We are making bad decisions using bad numbers thanks to aging megalomaniacs and low-IQ politicians.

The CDC Chart Shows 37,308 Total Deaths

The other available charts indicate about 66,765 died in the United States. The information going in to these decisions is garbage. Garbage in, garbage out.


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