Clueless “Handy Andy Cuomo”, Dressed in his Casual Best, Helps Clean Subway Cars


Donning blue gloves, a mask, white shirt, khaki pants, brown shoes, and (perhaps) leather jacket, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo helped “clean NYC subways during a tour of MTA” facilities.

No one could blame New Yorkers if after seeing the photo op and reading Cuomo’s comments, they went from being amused to getting angry.

Seeing Handy Andy, in some of his casual best, standing with “five workers in hazmat suits” was just plain funny.  Some of his “common man banter” made it even funnier.

“Do you guys need a hand?” asked the governor.

“We’re good.” was a reply.

Undeterred, Cuomo grabbed a hose, squatted down, and began spraying disinfectant underneath a train seat.

Andrew signed off to the men with, “God bless you. Thank you so much for doing this guys.  Thank you.”

It’s what he said later that’s likely to wipe the smile off the faces of New Yorkers who, for the last few months have been riding these underground Petri dishes.

At a briefing following his look at me moment, Gov. Cuomo, referring to the cleaning process said, “They have to go through the train with a misting device and spray disinfectant literally on every surface.”

He continued in what seemed newly discovered wonderment, “There are reports that say the virus can live two or three days on some surfaces like stainless steel. You look at the inside of a subway car, you look at the rails, the bars, they’re all stainless steel.”

Two things:

First, Cuomo seemed unaware there was so much stainless steel in those cars, leading cynical New Yorkers to ask when was the last time — if ever — they’d seen a pic of him riding below the streets of Manhattan?

Second and more importantly, the above-mentioned breakout study was made very public over a month before Cuomo took any official steps to mandate mask-wearing and social distancing on NYC subways.   Worse still, almost 8 weeks have passed before a seemingly clueless Cuomo used that report’s critical data to implement this common sense, disinfectant strategy.

Sadly, for so many living in the nation’s epicenter of the virus, Governor Cuomo’s deadly, too late to the crisis management continues.  And in retrospect, this ridiculous looking photo isn’t so funny anymore.




  1. This is another clown who is praised for helping clean the subways and all I saw was him walking around pointing and giving directions. You didn’t really expect him to do any manual labor did you? So there is your ruling class.

  2. Another staged, Goebbels-esque propaganda photo-op from King Andrew the Baby / Elderly Killer, who probably hasn’t been inside a subway car since the last time his advisors told him it would make a great prop to sell him as an “average guy” to his brain-dead NY State supporters, rather than have him be exposed as the rich, limousine liberal he is and always has been.

    He should be chained to one of the subway seats in a car FILLED with homeless people so he can get an idea of how his professed, self-aggrandizing and FAKE “compassion” affects the taxpayers by inflicting these drunks, drug-addicts, degenerates, sex perverts, criminals and mental defectives on them.

    He does this because he is too incompetent.. OR TOO IDEOLOGICALLY OPPOSED… to forcefully and effectively deal with the issue of homelessness as former NYC Mayor Giuliani did…

    …which was better for BOTH the Homeless AND the taxpayers.

    But then again, when has this arrogant, tyrannical, corrupt, elitist MAFIA-THUG ever cared about EITHER???????

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