Oregon governor extends lockdown to July 6th

Extremely far-left governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, via executive order, has extended the lockdown until July 6th, after the July 4th holiday.

This is pure tyranny.

Oregon had 2,635 cases and only 109 deaths. She has everything closed down. Why not talk about slowly opening? Is she drunk with power, stupid, what’s her problem?

It doesn’t help that the media loves this communistic style of government.

Attorney General William Barr was asked about the issue of government overreach at a Twitter Q & A on Friday. Barr said the government “unquestionably has the right” to “impose reasonable and temporary restrictions” during a public health emergency, however, “the Bill of Rights doesn’t go away during a crisis like this. What it does do is it requires that the government justify any restrictions as truly necessary.”

Barr felt the early measures were necessary “because we didn’t know much about the disease except that it was very contagious.”

“But now that the curve has been flattened, the rate of spread has been slowed, our system has not been overwhelmed and has time to adjust to the situation, it’s time to start rolling back some of these restrictions in an orderly and sensible way,” he continued.

“We are on the lookout for restrictions that are too widespread, too generalized, and are unduly discriminatory toward liberties such as religious liberty or speech, and we try to work with the state and local governments to address these concerns, and in the appropriate case we would consider taking action.”

It’s time for him to intervene.


Brown isn’t the only one.

Where do these politicians get the idea that they can trample the Constitution and our Bill of Rights?

In Maine, the governor has shut everything down with very few deaths. She is literally destroying the state.

Tucker did a great job of explaining it Friday evening:

In New Mexico, a Navajo citizen says they can’t get water and supplies:



  1. why are dems the biggest cowards in the u.s..take a chance.maybe open up the economy before we go BK

    • The left is hopeless.

      I know another big coward – Bill Barr. He could easily get a court to temporarily block this order. He has several options to go after the governor. He had no problem railroading Flynn & Stone, and when caught pretends to be the hero.

  2. as the left has such extreme hatred of anyone who can think or do for themselves, it should not be a crime to excise them from the population like the tumors they are

  3. Barr will be hiding in a corner somewhere, maybe will go on TV to say again he really means it this time, this must stop.

    Leftists are prolonging the economic shutdown to hurt Trump and the nation, while violating our rights of free movement, and Barr does NOTHING.

    In a crisis, real leaders are needed, not cowards.

  4. Is she (Oregon governor Kate Brown) drunk with power, stupid, what’s her problem?
    Yes on both counts. And the same with all Democrats who are proving themselves to be tyrants and are not “letting a crisis go to waste” to impose their agenda and display their hatred for our Constitution and our Constitutional rights.

  5. Dems intend to destroy the economy and blame Trump come elections. …and it also keeps their useful idiot Biden off the campaign trail so he doesn’t have to answer difficult or embarrassing questions.

  6. Why not extend it to 2050!!! You liberals have to go and I mean NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Barr POS anyhow’s. Sessions now this Barr f*cker. Both idiots. No govt doesn’t have this right no forefather or Minute man gave his life for this kind of tyranny.

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