Bad Dog Sunday! Blinken the Dog Has Something to Say


It’s Bad Dog Sunday, and we let Blinken the dog out to give his opinion of the world.

He loves Kamala Harris because her word salads are so simple that even a dog can understand them.

Blinken wants you to see beautiful Democrat-run Oakland, California. It takes effort to make paradise into the third world.

Blinken’s angry that people think Joe has diminished capacity. Look at how nice he was to his dogs. He let them chew on Secret Service agents.

Blinken wants you to know how sharp Joe is. Mayorkas finds it hard to prepare for his meetings because Joe is intellectually challenging.

Here’s an easy one!

Blinken the dog was in Russia recently and was impressed with this ad campaign.

Our dog says everyone in the country could take Vlad Zelensky off their taxes as a dependent.


What is she doing in the primary?

Blinken picked this out. Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia wants everyone to take in strangers worldwide.

She’s insane.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
21 days ago

Blinken the Dog much sharper then our present Secretary of State. Not that takes very much to be sharper than Ol’ Blinky.