Bad Dog Sunday


Ronny Rottweiler

Today, our bad dog writer couldn’t wait to get to the Sunday News. He has attitude! So here we go…

Rep. James Clyburn spoke up on behalf of Dementia Joe in dementia speak, making him Joe Biden’s most appropriate salesperson.

Ronny loves this one!

Truth in cartoons!

You’re going to laugh!

SNL is still stupid, and not funny. De-comedian is de-dumbest yet. Deunfunny comedian made a complete joke of himself and dewriters. He should have googled it first.

WEF wants to rebuild trust with censorship. That’ll work.

“I wish I was there,” said Ronny.

When your Secretary of Homeland Security surrenders the country to the world.

Whenever we mention “Starbucks” to Ronny, he shows us his teeth and makes noises that make you run.

This is perfectly normal, no one said ever.

It kind of is the ending already.


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Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
28 days ago

A very naughty post for mocking the ignorant left for being unaware of de-banking, and showing people living in sewers/ The cartoons we naughty too. Bad Bad Dog!;)

More please