AFL Represents Texas in a Lawsuit to Restore Our Borders


America First Legal represents the state of Texas in the fight against the illegal scheme of the Biden regime. The open border policy is making us into a third-world country.

It has to stop.

I want this country for my children, don’t you?

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
27 days ago

Miller is a tough and smart man. It is great to see a Jew fight to protect America instead of the normal neocon nonsense we see very often.

The momentum has changed in the USA. That USSC ruling was a trigger. Actually, the court did not rule against Texas on the merits, it sent the matter back to the lower court. But it was still a rebuke of the rights of Texas that ACB will never live down.

This situation could grow into the entire Texas border being sealed off by the forces of various states.

Notice how quiet the RINO crooks are. They dare not speak out against Texas on this, after they just got burned trying to push through a bill making illegal immigration legal. What an incredible and unforgivable blunder Mitch, Lankford and Cornyn made. Imagine Cornyn, supporting that bill, in the midst of his state being invaded. Lankford, in the most conservative state, is now censured.

Biden’s folks are quiet too, they know this situation affects the election, and they are losing badly.