Bad News for Biden & Trump Must Unify the GOP


Biden won Michigan, but far more people voted uncommitted, in other words, none of the above. Biden won the Michigan primary with 1,141 votes, Dean Phillips got 54, and uncommitted received a whopping 3,703. That has been the pattern; he wins but not with as many votes as in past primaries.

This next clip about Dearborn is amusing. The host wanted to make sure he got this right, but whoever put ‘uncommitted’ and ‘Dean Phillips’ screwed up.

Obama only lost 10% of the Michigan primary to uncommitted. Joe Biden is losing 19%, divided between uncommitted and other candidates, with most going to uncommitted.

The media claims it’s an anti-Israel protest vote, but it’s been a pattern so far. Young Democrats aren’t thrilled with Joe. Also, auto workers know Biden is selling them out to China with EV vehicles, and allegedly, 45% are not voting for Biden. The auto industry is very important to Michigan economically and for jobs.

The Hamas voters are also turned off.

Biden lost big in Wayne County, Dearborn, and Washtenaw County, which covers the auto industry, Hamas supporters, and young people.

Georgia has become a border state, and the sanctuary cities, like Athens and the brutal murder of Laken Riley, have people reconsidering voting for Democrats.

Losing to uncommitted, none of the above, no-name candidates, or having low numbers come out is not a good sign. The media can’t cover up his incompetency and feebleness as well as they have in the past. However, my theory is Democrats, who are not stupid, knew he was feeble and is just a stand-in for Barack Obama, who is really running the country.

Remember this:

Donald Trump had a great night in Michigan, but Nikki Haley held him under 70% yet again. She won’t be the nominee, but Trump has to find a way to unify the party even with her acting as a spoiler. Hopefully, she won’t run as a spoiler third-party candidate. Trump supporters need to lay off other Republicans for now, especially Ron DeSantis, who is very popular. It’s hurting Trump.

If you can’t vote for Trump, stay home, this guy is a disaster.

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