Lawyers Warned Tucker the US Could Arrest Him for Putin Interview


Journalist Tucker Carlson said that his lawyers warned him that the United States could arrest him on sanctions violations for interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

“My lawyers, before I left … said you’re going to get arrested if you do this, by the US government on sanctions violations,” Carlson said in an interview with podcaster Lex Fridman.

Carlson said he was happy to face such a risk and rejected the premise of such charges. Carlson’s head lawyer reportedly said his freedom depended on the questions he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“If you’re seen as too nice to him, you could get arrested when you come back,” Carlson’s lawyer reportedly said.

“You’re describing a fascist country. You’re saying that the U.S. government will arrest me if I don’t ask the questions they want asked?” the American journalist wondered.

Meanwhile, Carlson insists he wasn’t concerned about his safety in Russia. “I mean it when I say I felt not one twinge of concern for the eight days that I was there,” the journalist stressed.

He also spoke to the interviewer about our corrupt elections.

“They completely change the way people vote right before the election on the basis of COVID-19?

“And then manipulated, then you censor the information people are allowed to get. Anyone who complains about COVID …but I mean … you could play it many different ways. You can’t have censorship in a democracy by definition.

“Here’s how it works. The people rule. They vote for representatives to carry their agenda to the capital city and get it enacted. That’s how they’re in charge, and every few years they get to reassess the performance of those people in an election.

“In order to do that they need access, unfettered access to information, and no one, particularly not people who are already in power, is allowed to tell them what information they can have. “They have to have all information that they want whether the people in charge want it or don’t want it or think it’s true or think it isn’t. And the second you don’t have that, you don’t have a democracy. It’s not a free election.”

In case you haven’t seen this, in 1987, Mitch McConnell knew then that we had a lot of corruption in our elections. However, he said it was not a concern when it concerned Donald Trump’s 2020 election. He said voter fraud is “rare” and not a “threat to democracy.”

“Our democracy is solid,” he insisted.

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