Baltimore Mayor Plans to Spend COVID $$$ Only On Non-White Artists


Only 28% of Baltimore voters turned out to elect Brandon Scott as mayor, and no one came close to Democrat Scott. The man who came in second was an Independent, and the Republican barely made a dent.

If you mention that Scott appears to be a DEI activist, you will be called a racist. We won’t mention that.

Scott shares views with the Communist Party, such as universal basic income. He even started a pilot project.

He strongly favors defunding the police, having used those very words. He took $22.4 million from their budget and had social workers and aides as the first responders in cases of the mentally ill. We can’t say how anyone determines that in an emergency.

Scott supports politicians’ right to remove human rights in ’emergencies.’ The following is from his Wikipedia page, a left-wing encyclopedia.

On his first day in office, Scott signed an order mandating an end to restaurant dining, both indoor and outdoor, and capping retail activity, religious gatherings, gyms, malls, casinos, and museums to 25 percent capacity. Scott lifted Baltimore’s mask mandate and state of emergency declaration on July 1, 2021. In August 2021, Scott reinstated the city’s mask mandate following a 374 percent increase in COVID-19 infections in July. The mask mandate expired on March 1, 2022.

He’s a believer in all things debunked.

Here is his latest racist dictum:

“For too long, public dollars have simply just gone to the big names and the big players in town, and dare I say, I know my staff is gonna hate this; the big names and big players in town just happen to be white-ran organizations in Baltimore.

Of this investment, made possible through the American Rescue Plan Act, thank you president Biden, thank you to our congressional delegation, underscores our dedication to ensuring that all artists and communities have equitable access to resources and opportunities in Baltimore.”

Except for white people, of course. That is what he is saying. He’s like New York Mayor Eric Adams – only chocolate people in the chocolate city. He can have Baltimore, but what he is doing is illegal. Hopefully, someone will sue and get it to the Supreme Court.


Baltimore has a population of 570,000, and so far this year, had 9,833 crimes recorded, with 135 homicides. Mayor Brandon is anti-gun, but they had 127 shootings compared to 1,500 aggravated assaults.

Their biggest crime business is stealing cars and larceny.

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