Banned Interview: James O’Keefe Interviews RFK Jr.


James O’Keefe’s interview with RFK was taken down from YouTube. They banned the discussion. The media constantly bans RFK or adds voiceovers with their opinions. The interview is on Rumble, and he does talk about the forbidden topic — vaccines.

RFK Jr. says a lot of things that appeal to the Right. I can’t vote for a Democrat because no Democrat will be able to fight their movement, which is totalitarian at its core. While I’m no fan of what I’ve seen out of the Republican Party, we have a far better chance with them than Democrats.

I like RFK and agree with a lot of things he says, but why is he trying to win by luring in the Right when he’s a Democrat? He really doesn’t say much about Biden, who should be his number one target. He seems to be running on vaccines and totalitarianism. I think once a Democrat, always a Democrat with few exceptions like me.

RFK said that he has a better chance of winning over Republicans than any other Democrat.

I’m a cynic; see what you think.

via Liberty Daily

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