RFK Points to a Possible Motive for Pushing Moderna Vaccines


As reported, a new peer-reviewed study out of Switzerland found one in 35 subjects who took a Moderna vaccine showed signs of heart damage. It was worse for those who had boosters. RFK told an interviewer about a possible motive for Fauci and friends pushing the vaccine despite its issues.

Robert F. Kennedy has been the canary in the coalmine on this issue, only to be smeared and censored. He addressed the monetary benefits of pushing Moderna vaccines.

It’s very difficult to believe people would do something like this for money, but it is certainlt possible.

“NIH is collecting billions of dollars on the Moderna vaccine, which they developed. And people who work for Tony Fauci,” RFK said, “four to six individuals who work for them have margin rights for those patents so that they will collect now $150,000 a year for life. And their children and heirs will collect that money as long as that vaccine is being sold.”

It is a powerful motive.

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