Our Future If Biden or Harris Become President


If we re-elect Joe Biden or elect Kamala Harris, we will look like the UK and France. The UK leadership is picking the furthest woke leaders to take charge of government agencies.

In France, the furthest left of the new leadership wants to inflict a high tax on people. They proposed a 90% tax on part of the income of people making over $400,000. They plan to lower the age of retirement and spend wildly.

They are also investigating Marine LePen’s 2022 campaign. The prosecutor’s office says it will look into allegations of embezzlement, forgery, and fraud. They are also looking into accusations that a candidate on a campaign accepted a loan.

A court will judge Ms. Le Pen and 24 other party members in September over the alleged misuse of EU funds.

She is already facing embezzlement charges stemming from claims that she and 26 other party members set up a fake jobs scheme at the European Parliament to finance RN activities in France.

She could face up to 10 years in prison and a prohibition from running for public office if found guilty.

They’re out to get her.

We can’t say what LePen is or isn’t guilty of, but we know how campaign finance laws are weaponized in this country.

Campaign finance laws in the US are used fraudulently to violate the rights of Republicans. If they find a Democrat guilty, they only make them pay a fine [Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton]. In Republican cases, they try to imprison them [Donald Trump, to name one].


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