Barack Obama Called John McCain to Thank Him for Saving Obamacare


John McCain was Barack Obama’s senator, along with Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. They never were and are not Republicans. That goes for Jeff Flake and a few others. McCain stayed in the Republican Party even though he knew he did not support a Republican platform. He ran on repealing Obamacare and on supporting Republican ideals. He did none of that.

Arizona Senator John McCain killed the bill to repeal Obamacare last July even though he ran on repealing the Socialist health experiment. Obamacare premiums in Arizona were up over 100% in 2016 and McCain needed to say he would end it in order to win his election.

Obamacare has become mere emergency healthcare for many in this country. It places a tremendous tax burden on Americans only to provide poorer healthcare.

Obama Called to Thank Him And Will Give His Eulogy

Former president Barack Obama was grateful to John McCain for his vote. He called McCain to thank him according to an article by Jack Crowe at National Review.

Mr. Crowe got his information from an excerpt of McCain’s forthcoming memoir obtained by NBC.

McCain received the call after destroying Republican hopes of destroying the monstrosity.

In his memoir, he writes that Obama called to say thank you and added that he was “counting on me to be an outspoken and independent voice for the causes I believed in as I had been during his presidency,” McCain wrote of the call.

McCain added that he was “unmoved” by President Trump’s call requesting he reconsider.

After the vote, McCain doubled down in September by voting against the Graham–Cassidy bill, which would have dismantled key aspects of Obamacare, and represented Republicans’ last real hope to do away with the program before the midterms, Crowe writes.

Last Expression of Bitterness

John McCain also said he doesn’t want the President at his funeral. Instead, he will have Barack Obama give one of the eulogies, along with George Bush.

As he looks at his last days on earth, he says he also regrets choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate. He should have chosen Democrat Joe Lieberman, he now says.
His memoir allegedly trashes President Trump.
Let this be his legacy.

Remember all the times he ran on Obamacare repeal?

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