Barack Obama worked secretly to position Biden as the candidate


According to Politico, Barack Obama has worked behind the scenes to position [senile] Joe Biden as the candidate. The real candidate is Barack Obama who will pull the strings of the barely-aware Joe.

Ryan Lizza writes for Politico, “Over the last few weeks, he’s had multiple conversations with candidates, including Sen. Sanders, about how to best position the Democratic Party to win in November,” said a source familiar with those calls. “While the content of those conversations remain private, there was always agreement that winning in the fall was paramount.”

“A very good day!” one Obama adviser wrote when I [Ryan Lizza, the author] asked about Sanders dropping out.

Barack Obama allegedly “called Klobuchar and the others [including Pete Buttigieg] right when they got out,” one adviser close to Obama said.

Obama doesn’t want to appear to have “put his thumb on the scale” so he waited until the candidates went through the process. He doesn’t want Bernie’s Bros to think he influenced Bernie leaving the election.

Lizza says Obama only speaks publicly when he feels it will make an impact.

“Obama will soon make the case for Biden,” Lizza said.

“He will come out and make the point that Biden is the man for the times, that he has the experience and judgment to lead the country,” the adviser said. “He’ll make an obvious comparison to Trump but without saying too much about Trump: ‘This is a moment where we need someone like Biden.’ It’s the contrast that Biden has been trying to make — though I’m not sure how successfully — with his streaming from his basement.”

Obama will allegedly help Biden with younger voters as well.

Lizza didn’t say it, but it’s becoming obvious Obama will do the campaigning Joe Biden can’t do. Biden will be cloistered as much as possible.


Speaking of Obama speaking when it will have an impact, Obama just came out to push fraudulent mail-in voting. That should help the Democrats’ unfit candidate.

“Let’s not use the tragedy of a pandemic to compromise our democracy. Check the facts of vote by mail,” Obama said in a tweet linking to a New York Times article titled, “Does Vote-by-Mail Favor Democrats? No. It’s a False Argument by Trump”

Democrats need all the help they can get to make certain senile Joe is elected. Obama is a Marxist and like his allies George Soros, his only goal is to make the USA a one-party socialist nation. Biden will be just fine as a figurehead with Barack Obama as the real president.

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