Barack Says Nothing About Israel, Biden Parties and Takes a Lid


Barack Obama and Bill Clinton have said NOTHING about the Hamas terror strikes in Israel. NOTHING. They have nothing to say because they don’t care about the innocents in Israel. Barack is the one who sent pallets of US cash and gold on an Iranian Revolutionary Guard plane to the mullahs.

Hillary issued a mild statement on X. She is the one who allegedly cares about women and girls who were viciously gang raped and slaughtered this weekend.

She wrote: My prayers are with everyone affected by the horrific attacks by Hamas in Israel. The United States stands in strong support of our ally today and every day.

What god could she possibly pray to?

Michelle Obama said nothing.

Joe Biden needs to resign immediately.

The  PATHETIC administration partied while COUNTLESS AMERICANS ARE DEAD and being held hostage by TERRORISTS. Joe Biden, who hardly works, took two days off. It’s not just Americans we are concerned about, of course.

Biden held a BBQ yesterday as Israeli civilians and soldiers were slaughtered in the most brutal ways.  He took off at noon today, not that he did anything before noon. They call it a lid for some reason.

Some reports say 1,480 are now dead in Israel.

And what are we doing? We’re filling up the country who don’t agree with our values.


Reports that Iranian-backed armed groups, including Hizbullah, are sending troops to the Syria-Israel border, specifically Quneitra. Hezbollah began mobilizing thousands of fighters on the Lebanon-Israel border.

Israel faces an existential threat, and the commie buffoons in the White House are taking a break.

Israeli volunteer rescue organization ZAKA said Monday night that it had discovered more than 100 bodies in Kibbutz Be’eri near the Gaza border. That brings the number of dead to over 1,000.

“Large teams cleared bodies all day from kibbutz Be’eri,” the organization said. “There were weapons everywhere, grenades and RPGs. We cleared 108 bodies and we are not done yet.”

Survivor of Kibbutz Be’eri:

Hamas is potentially interested in peace talks, but Israel is not interested. They face an existential threat, and they can’t stop. They set the goal – it’s to destroy Hamas. Their barbaric assault on innocent civilians is a war crime, and they are responding accordingly.

Cory should stop funding the enemies.

Another Crusades?

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