It’s “Repeat Offender Violence” Not “Guns” Fueling the Spike in Violent, Deadly Crimes


It’s “Repeat Offender Violence” Not “Guns” Fueling the Spike in Violent, Deadly Crimes


Ever notice when the Democrats and their corrupt handmaidens in the media are at a loss to seriously defend the abject failure of awful, increasingly unpopular, loony, and deadly left-wing policies, they try changing the language?

Abortion became “choice’.  Summer of 2020 riots became “mostly peaceful protests”.  The slaughter of innocents at a 2021Waukesha Christmas Parade, by a man known to have made anti-white posts, was referred to as a “tragedy”, “incident”, and “crash” caused by an “SUV”.

After the murderous ambush of heroic NYPD Officers Jason Rivera, and Wilbert Mora, Democrat Pols and their media enablers immediately began describing these horrific killings as a result of “gun violence”.  We have to “Stop gun violence!” became the propagandist’s mantra of choice.

It serves them as a one size fits all, “look over there” dodge for the soaring, car jackings, shootings and murders in Democrat run cities.  It’s those pesky firearms that seem to have a mind of their own, creating all the mayhem.

Lashawn McNeil was the coldblooded killer of Rivera and Mora.  He, like many of the thugs casually turned loose on our increasingly mean streets, had a history of law breaking.

Lashawn had four prior arrests outside of New York City for various charges including assault on a police officer and weapons possession. He had one previous arrest in New York City for a felony conviction of narcotics. For all the good it did Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora, McNeil was on probation.

Before you take to thinking Lashawn McNeil may just be just a rare example of a former felon reverting to his “old ways”, consider this.  When was the last time someone who committed some form of a heinous crime had no history of run-ins with law enforcement?

Look quickly and closely after the next senseless murder, rape, or deadly subway shove to learn about the assailant.  If you do that before the info gets “memory holed” you’ll understand that the main threat your safety comes from remorseless recidivists.

“Stop repeat offender violence!” should the politico’s cry, but because it doesn’t suit their selfish best interests, they’ll never say it.

Right after the Dem’s political ambitions, your safety comes first.

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