BBQ Revolt! Toronto man criminally charged for opening his restaurant


Police arrested and dragged off a Toronto restaurant owner who organized an anti-lockdown protest by keeping his Toronto barbecue restaurant open. He won’t survive another winter with it shut down so he’s been opening it every day. He has fines and charges, two of them criminal, piling up.

The revolt was dubbed the ‘BBQ Revolt.’ The restaurant, Adamson Barbecue, defied the lockdown order, lost his license, and now faces steep fines and possible imprisonment. He’s an innocent restaurant owner who wants to feed his family.

The decision by Toronto Police Service to lead Adam Skelly away from his restaurant in handcuffs was part of a broader police blitz across the city as pandemic restrictions stoke frustrations over shuttered businesses across Canada.

Mr. Skelly, a non-criminal, is being made an example.

A summary:
The biased media report:

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