The Amazing Mr. Biden: defying all odds from a basement & with teeny audiences


Joe Biden truly is a marvel. He won an amazing 80 million votes, and he is a man who can’t draw a crowd of one hundred unless he fills it up with staff, paid attendees, and reporters.

The man with no audience surpassed Barack Obama’s historic 2008 performance, but only six counties!

In only six counties, Joe Biden’s campaign was able to surpass Barack Obama’s historic 2008 performance by 268,000 votes. This is THREE TIMES more than the current margin of 81,660 votes. This in a state Trump won in 2016? It defies credulity and the laws of probabilities.

He lost the bellwether states but won anyway!

Biden is set to become the first president in 60 years to lose the states of Ohio and Florida. These states have consistently predicted the national outcome, and they have been considered roughly representative of the American melting pot as a whole. Despite national polling giving Biden a lead in both states, he lost Ohio by eight points and Florida by more than three.

This loss hasn’t happened to a winner since JFK allegedly won after the Mafia is said to have cheated in Chicago at the behest of his father.

Trump had 75% of the primary vote and first, that never happened before!

No incumbent who has received 75 percent of the total primary vote has lost re-election. President Trump received 94 percent of the primary vote, which is the fourth highest of all time. In fact, Trump is only one of five incumbents since 1912 to receive more than 90 percent of the primary vote. He set the record for an incumbent when 18 million people turned out for him in 2020. There was no question he was going to be the candidate, yet people came out.

Biden underperformed Hillary in every metro area except Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia!

Patrick Basham, a pollster with an accurate track record and the director of the Democracy Institute in D.C., highlighted two observations made by fellow colleagues, polling guru Richard Baris of Big Data Poll and Washington Post-election analyst Robert Barnes. Baris noted a statistical oddity from 2020’s election returns: “Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.”

Barnes added that in those “big cities in swing states run by Democrats…the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters.” In the states that mattered most, so many mail-in ballots poured in for Biden from the cities that he put up record-breaking numbers and overturned state totals that looked like comfortable leads for President Trump.

Nothing to see here.

Biden lost it all for Democrats except his presidency!

Biden lost despite Democrat losses everywhere else. Republicans picked up statehouses and seats in Congress.

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3 years ago

There was outright fraud and ballot stuffing for Biden, by any means necessary, the Marxist strategy alive in the Democratic Party.

Recon Party
Recon Party
3 years ago

Beijing Biden never left the basement because he had the best voter fraud team ever assembled.
Distorted lens true believers are so clueless that it is almost cute. Almost.