Be Afraid! Nasty Jane Curtin Says What Every Democrat Is Thinking


Actress/comedian Jane Curtin said her New Year’s resolution is to make sure the Republican Party dies.

That is what the Resist movement is all about. It’s not merely about Donald Trump. He’s the figurehead of the Republican Party and all the people in it.

The Democrats are leftists who want a one-party system in which they rule over the rest of us, and it will be a dark PC world. They are the establishment as are many Republicans and Trump isn’t. Some Democrats would like elections won with a plurality as they do in socialist and Third World nations. Either way, the Republic will be dead.



Democrats want the United States overrun with Third World people who are not coming for our values. It’s deliberate. The people in charge are the America haters. Their rallying cry is to bury America with the old, white men who founded it and their old piece of parchment known as the Constitution!

They promote “free” everything which will come at the expense of everyone who pays taxes.

In their haste to buy into the most extreme views of climate change, they are mindlessly demanding the end of fossil fuels as soon as possible. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants a ten-year deadline that would destroy our economy. Many of the Democrats agree with her.

The flag, the monuments, the anthem, Christianity, morals, all must go, and we must all become them. Only their views are allowed. For now, these leftists want to destroy the right. Eventually, they will imprison people with whom they disagree. Don’t doubt it. You’ve seen the hate.

Their hatred of law enforcement goes along with the communist mantra as does the wild spending.

Indoctrination will too soon resemble a communist country. These socialists won’t stop at a little more socialism; they will keep going.

For now, Curtain is expressing how the Democrats feel. That is why Democrats won’t negotiate on anything. Democrats will go along with do-nothing Republicans as long as they remain establishment. There are lines they must not cross, and Trump crosses them all.

Michelle Malkin comes in at the beginning of this clip. She discusses the border and nasty Jane Curtin.

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